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Introduction to Graphic Designing

Any process of communication that has photography ,iconography ,typography and illustration is termed as Graphic Design .The main difference between graphic design and digital design is that graphic design is usually static (logos, magazines, pictures etc.), while digital design involves movement (animations, interactive elements, movies etc. Digital design doesn’t only use visual arts, but can also include audio and sound effects.


Graphic design features a rich and varied history. The word “graphic design” didn’t appear on the scene until 1922, when William Dwiggins created the word to explain the art of designing with graphics. within the earliest days of graphic design, professionals drew by hand. However, within the last 60 years graphic design has forged ahead, advancing rapidly since the addition of today’s digital art tools.Even though the term wasn’t yet coined, a number of the earliest designs included typography for books and newspapers. One could also argue drawings on cave walls represent a sort of ancient graphics



Fast forward to the 1900s when posters became a sort of expression. During the 1940s, graphic design appeared in propaganda posters of the age , just like the “We Can Do It” poster with Rosie the Riveter. Slogans were short, to the purpose , and added to a graphic that set the tone.As technology began to vary and become available to more people, the entire industry which may become mentioned as graphic design began to emerge.


Principles of graphic design

The principles of design suggest how the designer should best arrange the varied components of a page layout to make sure the weather of the general design are connected to at least one another. The principles of design include the following:

Balance – Achieving visual balance in graphic design is completed by using symmetry and asymmetry. this is often achieved by balancing the planning in weight – meaning shapes, lines, and other elements are distributed evenly. So albeit the 2 sides of the planning aren’t the precise same, they need similar elements. Balance is vital because it provides structure and stability to a design.

Alignment – Alignment is about keeping the planning organized. All aspects of the planning should be aligned with the highest , bottom, center, or sides to make a visible connection between the weather .

Proximity – Proximity creates a visible relationship between the weather of the planning . It minimizes clutter, increases viewer comprehension, and provides a focus for viewers. It doesn’t necessarily mean the similar elements got to be iron out next to every other, it just means they ought to be connected visually.

Repetition – Once you’ve chosen the way to use your elements, repeat those patterns to determine consistency throughout the planning . This repetition ties together individual elements and strengthens the design but creating a way of organized movement.

Types of graphic design


Over time, graphic design has become pretty multifaceted. the general concept consists of various fields and specializations. Here are a number of the foremost common sorts of graphic design:


Corporate design – Corporate design has got to do with the visual identity of a corporation . Any visual elements that structure a brands identity, like a brand’s logo (made with logo design software), are often related to corporate design. this sort of graphic design is employed in brand marketing to speak brand values through images, shapes, and color.

Marketing and advertising design – Probably one among the foremost widely known sorts of graphic design: marketing and advertising. When most of the people consider graphic design, they’re presumably thinking of selling and advertising design. Social media graphics, magazine ads, billboards, brochures, email marketing templates, content marketing – all samples of this widely used sort of graphic design.

Publication design – Publication design traditionally refers to print medium, but again, with the constant digitalization of our generation, it’s crossed over to digital publishing. Publication designers got to work closely with editors and publishers to make sure layouts, typography, and illustrations are tastefully combined producing the simplest possible outcome . samples of publication graphic designs include books, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, and eBooks.

Environmental design – this sort of graphic design is usually overlooked, in my opinion a minimum of . Environmental graphic design is that the use of visual elements in environments to attach people to those places. the aim of environmental design is to enhance people’s experiences in those places; whether it makes the experience more memorable or informs the viewer. Architecture, road signs, signage, event spaces, and wall murals are all samples of environmental design.

Packaging design – once you buy a replacement product, it presumably has some sort of packaging or visual element like a label, sticker, or wrapping that’s wont to prepare the merchandise for distribution or sale; these elements are created by packaging designers. It’s crucial that these designers are conscious of current trends within the marketplace to make sure successful product marketing.

Motion design – Motion graphic design may be a subset of graphic design and it’s exactly what it sounds like: graphics that are in motion. this will include animation, video games, apps, GIFs, website features, etc. this is often still a somewhat new area in graphic design as technological advancements have allowed designers to explore new mediums.

Web design – While web design isn’t necessarily a kind of graphic design, graphic design is one element of web design, so it’s worth mentioning here. Why? Because web designers must consider and mix a spread of the planning elements – like layout, images, and typography – to make a user-friendly, pleasant front-end web design. So, if you cannot find out the way to make an internet site on your own, it’s worth reaching bent an internet designer. Web design also ties closely with UX and UI design, which I’ll dive into next.


UX design

What is UX, exactly? UX design, also referred to as user experience design, is about enhancing – you guessed it – user experience. This specific sort of design focuses on the structure and logic of the planning elements that users interact with. UX designers work to improve a product’s usability, accessibility, and users’ pleasant interaction with the product, with a goal of maximizing customer satisfaction. This is done by performing both pain point and usefulness analyses post-product launch.


UI  Design

UI Design, or interface design, pertains to the interactive elements of a design. This type of design requires an honest understanding of users’ needs because it focuses on anticipating what users will got to do on the device and ensuring that the interface has the weather that make those actions possible. These elements include things like dropdown lists, toggles, breadcrumbs, notifications, progress bars, etc. Basically, UI design is expanding the graphic design definition; designs that have any interactivity are UI, albeit they incorporate static images.


Freelance Graphic Designer

Working as a contract graphic designer is sort of possibly the foremost difficult, in my opinion, because not only are you expected to handle all design requests, but you’re also responsible for running every aspect of your business. Sure, there are perks like performing on your own time and in your own space, but you’ll need knowledge in additional areas than simply graphic design.


Graphic Designing in coming years -To say that 2020 has been a strange year is more than just an understatement. But within the online world, lockdown, forced closure of stores and academic institutions, then on have had a huge impact. Distance learning, online shopping, and therefore the look for entertainment to not mention performing from home and communications platforms have all seen rapid climb .There are certain elements of website design that are here to remain , fast speeds, easy navigation, and increased security, also because the rise of the battery saving, eye-saving dark mode. The latest graphic design trends are working with these aspects, enhancing them visually. And it’s not only website design we are talking about, the ripple effect on company branding, logos, marketing, general illustration, and altogether areas of graphic design also are clear to see.


Below Graphic designing categories may rise to the occasion in coming years :

Emoji Design

Gold and Mix modern design

Typography Chaos Design

Nature-Inspired Design

3D Design

Cartoon Illustrations in Design


Conclusion – Graphic design has a big role to play in the modern competitive business environment. Businesses need the services of graphic designers to make impressive marketing materials. These materials include brochures, business cards, websites, leaflets, stationery then on.An impressive and memorable logo may be a basic requirement for any business to create a brand identity. Similarly, businesses need the services of graphic designers to make unique mobile apps and social media pages for business promotion. We can say that graphic design has become a neighborhood of doing business in physical and virtual markets.


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