1st set of captured pictures by James webb space telescope

Introduction of James webb space telescope James webb space telescope is world’s biggest and most powerful space telescope till date . It has been launched by American space agency ,NASA on 25th December 2021 .It is a sort of machine with which we can have time travel . Unlike time machine concept in many Hollywood … Read more

Digital facts simplified

digital facts simplified

Let digital facts simplified . Digital facts simplified world In the world of digital marketing, there are a lot of digital facts that can be overwhelming to remember and understand . We’ve simplified some of the most important digital marketing facts for you. So, what are the most important digital marketing facts? There are over … Read more

Best fintech startups in india

Best fintech startups in india There is no denying that India is one of the most promising markets for fintech startups. Some of best Fintech startups in India is revolutionizing the nation already . The country’s massive population and rapidly growing economy provide a fertile ground for innovative fintech solutions. There are many fintech startups … Read more

Cloud and Edge computing : simplified facts 2022

Cloud and Edge computing : simplified facts 2022 1.Cloud Computing Simplified Cloud computing is a term used to describe the large-scale deployment of high-performance computing and other forms of software and hardware resources on a network .Cloud computing is used to create an environment in which distributed and virtualized resources can be accessed via a … Read more

How self driving autopilot car is reforming the world

How self driving autopilot car is reforming the world Introduction of Self driving Autopilot car An expert driver is required to drive a vehicle . How self driving autopilot car is reforming the world ? While driving the car, the driver has to focus on the car itself .A small mistake of driver can lead … Read more

The Future of Human Augmentation: What It Is and Why It Matters

The Future of Human Augmentation: What It Is and Why It Matters

The Future of Human Augmentation: What It Is and Why It Matters Human augmentation is defined as ability to perform mental or physical actions, with the help of tools that practically integrates into our bodies . Below are some important examples : Wearable Devices Prosthetic limbs Augmented reality devices Hearing aids Brain devices A pacemaker … Read more

How will Emerging Technologies change the world

Life is all about technology . Our whole mankind is turning towards this haze of advanced technology with each passing day .We are gonna discuss some of emerging aspects of advanced technologies that will change the world of ours . With every emerging technology , there comes an adverse part of its impact .We will … Read more

Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

Artificial Intelligence has seen wide growth and development over the years in developed part of universe  .  It still needs to cover a significant part as far as our nation is concerned . Artificial Intelligence can be explained as intelligence developed inside a machine by a program and its instructions . With the help of … Read more

Smart Home Automation

What is Smart Home Automation How right if our whole life is connected to the Internet,not just smart phones but watches, speaker,light ,doorbells ,camera ,window, hot water heaters or cooking appliances. And best part is all such devices could communicate ,send you information and take your commands . Believe me its not science fiction,It is … Read more

Trending Technologies in coming years

Metaverse digital facts simplified

New technologies are always emerging despite of the current market conditions .It includes ground breaking innovations to tackle world issues.Many predictions are being made about the future of technology in these uncertain times.These technology innovations are what makes life simpler in the coming years . Universe is in need for such life changing innovations,and therefore … Read more