Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

Artificial Intelligence has seen wide growth and development over the years in developed part of universe  .  It still needs to cover a significant part as far as our nation is concerned . Artificial Intelligence can be explained as intelligence developed inside a machine by a program and its instructions . With the help of programs and instructions designed , scientists or programmer put sense of critical thinking inside a machine . It has been a wide and adaptive reality in most developed countries , where as Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India is still a matter subjected to deep research and understanding  .


A machine try to mimics human intelligence  . They are designed to take their own decision on certain circumstances . Imagine if such practices become popular in India and they can use their critical thinking phenomena without any human interventions . Such scope of Artificial Intelligence in India is highly awaited and would be surely admired .An ultimate goal for artificial Intelligence is to create computer programs that can solve typical problems after analyzing the situation . Scope of such intelligence can be a worth factor in country like India .India is a nation is over 1.30 billion population and still most of industries are heavily dependent on man power .


India is having large young population compared to rest of world . The youth here needs to be skilled and trained for AI.Our renowned leading technology institutes like IITs and NITs have that much of potential to carve this future based technology . Startup India campaign allowed many aspiring entrepreneurs to do some fruitful implementations in their respective fields . Understanding the need , entrepreneurs are also introducing scope of Artificial Intelligence in their respective startups . 


Health care sectors have huge potential in terms of Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India . Machine learning based algorithms in Artificial Intelligence can provide insights to health care industry to predict future events for patients . It can play important part in early detecting and thus prevention of diseases by capturing patient’s vital syndromes . A bengaluru based start up has started AI enabled technology to detect early signs of breast cancer . AI enabled interface started to detect diabetic retinopathy in Tamilnadu . Government introduced AI enabled chatbot for ensuring smooth communication during hard covid times . A healthcare start up in India launched AI enabled low cost ventilators last year.Mumbai based start up has used Artificial Intelligence to check and analyze infection in the lungs with chest X Rays .

Our Students should be well aware about this trending technologies from the beginning it self . It is most important parameter for nation like us , as our students will be proven as backbone of our society in coming years . Hence it is utmost important , that they should be trained in such upcoming technologies like Artificial Intelligence . Ministry of Information technology under Government of India has launched an aspiring program called ,’Responsible AI for Youth’ last year April . Around 11000 students from various government schools completed this basic course in Artificial Intelligence.Scope of AI should be improved among our students who are important in constructing backbone of technology .


A large size of Indian Population is still rely upon agriculture . And Scope of Artificial Intelligence in Indian farming would be highly valued . Indian farmers face lot of challenges in conventional way of farming  . Artificial Intelligence Enabled thermal Imaging Cameras can play a vital part in agriculture sectors  .  It can be used to monitor pesticide which can provide advanced preparation technique for insect control.Well designed AI enabled techniques can be important to provide precised demand to supply details.Acute weather forecast can fulfill the purpose of successful agriculture preparation ,hence serving good scope for farming industries.

There is a huge scope of Artificial Intelligence in Transport industry . Auto pilot mode in Aeroplanes were invented in year 1922 .Since then a lot has been invented and modified in Aerospace industry. India as a nation is using more advanced artificial Intelligence features in aircraft ,space ships and ships .Autonomous cars are another prime example of Artificial Intelligence  . Tesla, one such prime maker of Automated cars has made its debut in India on 8th of January 2021 . It is yet not clear what exactly company will do .  Automated cars contains Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms in terms of software installed in it . These cars would run by set of coding as per scenarios arrives . It would be a great help to improve error free driving and less emission . Scope of Automated cars on Indian roads are still a concern subjected to detailed study.

Our nation is turning out to a great market for AI enabled Voice command devices like OK Google or Alexa . Hence scope of this Voice Intelligence based technology can be sky high in coming days . Voice assistant intelligence runs and take commands with established Internet of things over different devices . Voice Artificial Intelligence further works over enable network with other smart home devices like smart plugs , smart lock , smart kitchen appliances ,Security cameras etc .

AI serves future to banking and finance sector as it brings power of advanced data analytics to improve compliance . Scope of Artificial Intelligence enables bank to manage huge volumes of data at ultra speed to grab valuable insights from it.A leading fintech company uses Artificial Intelligence to develop customized financial products for variant rural population . Front and middle office AI enabled applications can offer greatest cost savings across indian banking and Financing sector . AI enabled functions in banks can be seen as revolution in order to detect and prevent payments fraud .Scope of Artificial Intelligence can also be a major step to improve the process of Anti-money-laundering and KYC regulatory checks .


Multinational Companies are leading the way in for AI adoption in India.Many leading firms in India have curated a list of best AI solutions providers . These AI development companies help businesses discover new path with cloud computing and Machine learning technologies.Dedicated team of algorithm experts , data scientists and machine learning specialists works in a tandem to create and integrate Artificial Intelligence platform.IBM’s watson is introduced in India with its super computer combines AI and analytical software as a Question answering machine . Watson is believed to protect our insights and provide complete control and ownership of our data . This AI based technique serves scope in our nation .

Artificial Intelligence can provide new efficiencies and quality to various sector in India . Digital Infrastructure is now improving in India with joint efforts from companies , various start ups and government . Still way to go, considering nation’s huge population and unregulated private sectors .

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