Traditional Tidal Energy and its Transformation with Advent of the Future

Traditional Tidal Energy and its Transformation with Advent of the Future Introduction to tidal energy Tidal energy is a form of renewable energy obtained due to inconstant sea levels. Natural rise and fall of tides causes kinetic energy . It is operated and converted into electricity. Tides are occurred by the association of gravitational forces … Read more

The Future of Human Augmentation: What It Is and Why It Matters

The Future of Human Augmentation: What It Is and Why It Matters

The Future of Human Augmentation: What It Is and Why It Matters Human augmentation is defined as ability to perform mental or physical actions, with the help of tools that practically integrates into our bodies . Below are some important examples : Wearable Devices Prosthetic limbs Augmented reality devices Hearing aids Brain devices A pacemaker … Read more

How Blockchain Technology is Progressive and Transformative

How Blockchain Technology is Progressive and Transformative There has been so much under the table corruption in many countries including us ,which lead to frequent black money transactions. These transactions can be both online as well as offline.Those records would be stored in certain data base. But there is no guarantee that those server data … Read more

How will Emerging Technologies change the world

Life is all about technology . Our whole mankind is turning towards this haze of advanced technology with each passing day .We are gonna discuss some of emerging aspects of advanced technologies that will change the world of ours . With every emerging technology , there comes an adverse part of its impact .We will … Read more

Scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

Artificial Intelligence has seen wide growth and development over the years in developed part of universe  .  It still needs to cover a significant part as far as our nation is concerned . Artificial Intelligence can be explained as intelligence developed inside a machine by a program and its instructions . With the help of … Read more

Smart Home Automation

What is Smart Home Automation How right if our whole life is connected to the Internet,not just smart phones but watches, speaker,light ,doorbells ,camera ,window, hot water heaters or cooking appliances. And best part is all such devices could communicate ,send you information and take your commands . Believe me its not science fiction,It is … Read more

Trending Technologies in coming years

Metaverse digital facts simplified

New technologies are always emerging despite of the current market conditions .It includes ground breaking innovations to tackle world issues.Many predictions are being made about the future of technology in these uncertain times.These technology innovations are what makes life simpler in the coming years . Universe is in need for such life changing innovations,and therefore … Read more

Graphic designing Unleashed

Introduction to Graphic Designing Any process of communication that has photography ,iconography ,typography and illustration is termed as Graphic Design .The main difference between graphic design and digital design is that graphic design is usually static (logos, magazines, pictures etc.), while digital design involves movement (animations, interactive elements, movies etc. Digital design doesn’t only use … Read more

5G -One Step Ahead

Introduction 5G is a fifth generation portable network. It is another overall distant standard followed by 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G networks.5G far off advancement intends to give more critical unflinching quality to higher multi-Gbps top data speeds. Better continually adequacy empower new customer experiences and interface new endeavors. We have really come across one … Read more